Paul Romeus knew there was a great need in his country. His limited resources would be like a drop in the ocean of problems. Yet he believed that a drop of love, with God's help could make a difference.

Paul was born into a poor, voodoo worshipping family. When they could not have children his father went to the witch doctor for help. Shortly thereafter, Paul was born. In thanksgiving, Paul's father dedicated him to Satan.

God had other plans for Paul. When he was 8 years old, his schoolteacher led him to Christ. As a young man he had a great desire to serve the Lord. He was gifted in dealing with people, had a humble spirit and great business skills.

Paul & Belle Romeus

As a young married couple, Paul and his wife had a baby girl they named Picole. Picole was only one year old when her mother contracted cancer and soon died. These were hard days for Paul but God had a great plan in mind.

While in his thirties Paul met Belle Williams, a missionary nurse in Limbé. After much prayer and counsel Paul and Belle were married. God blessed them with a son Loren who is now grown and married.

Paul has great vision for reaching the lost. Radio, schools, church planting, VBS and an orphanage bring the message into lives and hearts. Paul enjoys serving as a Gideon and has attended the Haggai Institute, a training school for third world leaders.