In 1981 Paul opened a school for Haitian children. Many of the students could not afford to attend school so Paul paid the teachers and they came. By year’s end 86 attended and the following year 190 students. In 1982 Mr. Barkman came to see the school and Grace Mission was born as an aid to this important school. The purpose was to lead these children to Christ and give them a chance to learn. Paul’s school was a disciplined place with a Christian teacher and the students thrived with this education and the school has always been labeled, “the best school in northern Haiti.”

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From left: Anna & Dad Barkman, Paul & Belle (children Picole, Loren) Romeus, Suely & Carl (holding Danny) Buller

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Elementary class and children on their way to the Drop of Love School

Today there are about 2,000 students who attend the Drop of Love school. Students are in preschool, elementary, secondary, and special education classes. Totally, there have been over 12,000 students since the schools started. Once the numbers of grades increased to 12 in 1995, some 500 graduates have gone on to be productive Christians and citizens. Graduates are in great demand, as their character and skill are widely known.

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Classes meet in schoolyard before classes begin in the morning

About 20% receive a full scholarship to attend, another 25% receive a half scholarship. Many people have had a part in making this work by giving $25 per month toward a student’s support. We value their support and invite you to become a part of this important ministry. There is always a need for more student supporters.

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