Earthquake Relief

January 12, 2010, will be a day never forgotten in our lives and the whole nation of Haiti. The situation in Haiti is always tenuous but now for thousands of people it became life threatening. Northern Haiti saw a rise in population as people moved in with relatives. Since the earthquake in 2010 we have sent 20 containers with corn which is ground into a fine meal and distributed to the most needy. It also helps to feed the Seniors and the Orphans. Many people have helped make this possible from those who donate corn, bag it, grind it in Haiti and distribute it. Paul and his staff have identified and manage to sort through all the people who need help and feed approximately 200 people per week as long as a load lasts.

Volunteers bagging the corn and getting it ready for shipment in Henderson, NE

Image 7-4-16 at 6.10 PM
Unloading container in Haiti

We also purchase rice locally to feed students on the Drop of Love campus. This enables about 700 kids to receive one meal a day, 4 days a week.

Image 7-4-16 at 7.50 PM
Distribution of food to the needy and earthquake victims

Volunteers grinding the corn into meal

Paul inspecting a container of bagged rice