Lluvias Church

Lluvius - Leaders Ciro and Juanita Perez

Salvation and Discipleship Growing Strong
"Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts!" Zech 4:6 Yes God has done great things in the lives of people in the Lluvius church in the Oaxaca suburbs. By faithful soul winning and discipleship the church continues to grow. New believers are born through the work of 3rd generation Christians in a matter of 10 years. This is exciting Biblical multiplication.

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Lluvias Church service

The Lluvias church has concentrated a great deal on building family relationships. Seminars, outings and counseling are making a big difference, as evidenced by the solid families in the church. The outreach includes VBS, medical/dental work, women’s ministries, men's ministries and any way they can share the gospel.

Through Ciro’s dental ministry they have ventured into difficult villages and lead some to Christ. Small groups meet in La Luz and Magdalena. A concerted effort was made to help with physical need in the earthquake ravaged area of Comitancillo in 2018. Many came to Christ through this ministry and a visit occurs for follow up and discipleship every 6 weeks.