Ministry Team - Mexico

Short Term Mission Project
With Grace Mission, Inc.
Phone: 1-402-723-4700 * E-mail:

Purpose: Short-term ministry teams provide God's people with ministry opportunities in another culture.

You will:
1) Acquire personal vision for ministry.
2) Develop leadership and ministry skills.
3) Encourage the Ecos Team ministries by helping them reach their people
for Christ and build the church. You will be servant helper.

Our Ministry involves:
1) City Churches
2) Village Churches
3) Youth
4) Evangelism
5) Discipleship

Some of the possible ministries that short-term ministry teams can do to come alongside the national workers are: VBS-type of outreach, puppets, sport events, track distribution, discipleship seminars, medical teams and construction.

Target: Our ministry is located in and around Oaxaca City, Mexico. Azel and Hermalinda Lopez and Ciro and Juanita Perez are the national missionaries we support. They are involved in outreach through dental and medical work, seminars, family building ministries, helping the poor in villages, evangelism, leadership development and discipleship.

Estimated Costs:
$700 Commercial Flight to Oaxaca City (approximately)
$150. GMI Expenses
$100. Project Expenses
$175 Meals in Mexico
$ 40 Travel, fuel in Mexico
$1,165 Total Costs

Request your free team manual. 1-402-723-4700, e-mail,

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Sports brings opportunity for ministry

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Meals with Mexican families

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Mixing cement the old fashioned way

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Teams give opportunity for spiritual growth and God to speak