Haiti – Orphanage

The challenges and commitment it takes to have a well run orphanage in Haiti are great! Ray and Bonnie VanSlyke are doing a great job. The cultural differences are a challenge. Cleanliness, consistent discipline, spiritual development and a proper diet are important as these children develop.

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Ray & Bonnie VanSlyke

The work of training staff has been difficult. We have seen several younger people take responsibility along with the VanSlykes to understand how to love and discipline the children. Please pray for them to continue to grow in leadership and understanding. Eight of our kids are teenagers now and it is our concern that they continue on in life with skills they have learned at the orphanage. We look for all opportunities for them to have work and gain skills. Their future is in Gods hands but we want to do our part to prepare them for life in Haiti.

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Ricardo at 6 months

Our first child was Ricardo!

Ricardo now

A birthday is a big deal, everyone celebrates!

Cooking breakfast

Our 31 children.

These 31 children have a chance to make a great impact in the Haitian society. We desire that they grow into Godly Christians who can impact their families, community and churches. Please pray for the school that meets at the orphanage, the staff that interacts with the kids and Ray and Bonnie.